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Paintball Field Netting

There are several different grades of paintball field netting. The things to look for when purchasing netting are; insurance approval, UV protection, fire proofing, outdoor/weather capability and rated years of service.


Protect your players with high quality paintball netting

Indoor fields have to be careful of fire codes and regulations for their area. Hanging paintball netting that an insurance company hasn't approved is a liability waiting to happen. Make sure its actually demolition rated and not just a shade cloth.

UV protection, outdoor treated and service life rating are good ways to value your long term investment needs. Are you able to replace the net in 5 years? Or would you be better off spending the money for a net rated for a 15-20 year service life? UV protection is a huge contributor the life span of the netting. A net untreated for UV rays will start to degrade immediately upon exposure. This causes the net to turn gray and become brittle over time, it also effects the visibility through the net.

The current ASTM standard safety test requires the net to stop 10 shots at 300fps from ten feet away fired into an area of 4 inches. The net has to stop any paintballs or shell material from the paintballs.

Generally, there are two heights of netting available, 20ft and 12ft. Speedball fields will want the 20 foot version while a Woodsball field can go with a 12 foot net. The 20 foot netting will need a telephone pole structure and the 12 foot can use 4 x 4 treated lumber for the main supports. Netting clips can be used to attach the top of the net to a galvanized steel ?" cable or carabineers can be used if the netting has eyelets built into it. The steel cable usually costs 0.25 cents per foot, the carabineers and netting clips cost about 0.35 cents each.

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Posted by Redwood on 12/04/06