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Paintball Guns

A Paintball Gun is the key to playing paintball. From beginners to professionals, to woodsball to speedball, the guns are the heart of the sport. Guns can range from $25 to over $1500, Pump to full auto. Choosing the right gun and maintaining it correctly is an easy thing to do with some education. Determining the best gun for you depends on the type of paintball you play and your budget. Many manufacturers are building tournament competitive guns at an affordable price. Smart Parts has recently released the Ion gun. It's a light weight electronic gun with ramping capabilities up to 19 balls per second. Smart Parts also recently released the new Nerve gun. Its a high end gun with the serious tournament player in mind. Several other manufactures are offering high and low priced paintball guns for the tournament player also. For the woodsball player, one may consider a military replica gun or some thing more "stealthy". Armotech Paintball offers some great military look alike guns for the serious scenario paintball player.

The backbone of this sport is the paintball gun

Most paintball guns come with owners manuals instructing you on maintenance procedures and assembly/disassembly directions. Most of the local paintball stores carry repair kits for the common paintball guns or can order them. There are recommended lubricants each manufacture specifies. Usually maintenance is performed after each heavy use or after the paintball gun sits for a period of time. Maintenance can also be performed by most paintball stores. A simple search on the Internet can lead you to find the Paintball Gun thats right for you. Be sure to read other paintball player reviews of the paintball gun you're interested in before you buy it.

Posted by Redwood on 09/08/06

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