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Halo B Paintball Loader

halo b paintball loader

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The well known Halo B Paintball Loaders have been price reduced. These great loaders have been dominating the fields for years with their advanced belt feed technology. Odyssey designed the Halo B for the tournament player in mind, but its use has become a reliable part of any serious woodsball players equipment check list. The reliability and performance keeps even the fastest paintball guns fed consistently in the most demanding situations.

One of the most coveted paintball loaders is the Halo B. It's now priced more competitively, yet performs the same crazy mass feed tasks as before. Your gun will be able to spit out paintballs at and alarming rate with one of these mounted to the top of it. Most of the Wolfpack players own a Halo B and have successfully used the Halo for many tournaments and scenario games.

Is it a crime not to own a Halo B with this price reduction?

The basic Halo B Paintball Loader is rated at a consistent 22+ balls per second feed rate under load. And with its well managed ball stack pressure system utilizing spring tension on the belt driven cone, it's always ready to feed your gun.

Halo B w/RIP Drive is one step closer to the ultimate paintball feeding system with its ability for the user to reverse a jam or manually feed the gun by turning the RIP Drive wheel located under the back of the hopper shell area. This can come in very handy if you run your batteries dead or are shooting poor quality field paintballs and encounter a jam.

Halo B w/Victory Board can lay down some serious feed rate numbers. The upgraded electronic board can increase the Halo B feed rate to an awesome 35 balls per second and give you some different programmable ball stack pressure options for burst rates exceeding 50bps!

Halo B w/RIP Drive and Victory Board is considered to be one of the best paintball loaders you can mount on your gun. You get the best of all three worlds: the Halo B with its belt drive spring system, the assurance of having the RIP Drive system to bail you out of those tough situations, and the awesome output of the Victory Board to feed the most demanding electronic markers.

Now is the time to upgrade to the Halo B Paintball Loader that's right for you

Check out a Halo B Paintball Loader now.

Posted by Redwood

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