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Halo B Paintball Loader

halo b loader

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The basic Halo B Paintball Loader may be a design that's a few years old, but it remains a very competitive choice. Its innovative advancements have been the founding design principles for other companies to try to match. The Halo's ability to deliver an ultra fast stream of paintballs into your gun without breaking them has become the industry standard benchmark.

170 ball capacity Halo B Paintball Loader

The basic Halo B loader has a feed rate of 22+ balls per second. This is accomplished by the electronic controlled reflective eye operating the spring loaded belt drive system and the quick ball sorting feed cone. It keeps a constant pressure on the ball stack to provide you with large burst speeds. That's great news for snap shooters and situations that require an extreme rate of fire.

The Halo also brings it latest update to the stock board with the upgraded "Z-Code" software. It's latest redesign also provides a reinforced feed neck and extended battery management to deliver 20,000 rounds per set of batteries before illumination the rear facing low battery indicator. The Halo comes with a 1 year warranty and is available in several colors.

Check Current Price: Halo B Paintball Loader

Posted by Redwood

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