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Heavy Duty Coiled Remotes

heavy duty coiled remote

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Every serious woodsballer needs a good coiled remote. Many are very affordable and come with slide check quick disconnects and an on/off valve. Heavy duty coiled remotes are all compatible with CO2 and Compressed Air(HPA/Nitrogen). These high pressure hoses help you relocate your air tank to your podpack and leave room to make your gun's stock more effective.

Try to keep the remote hose from getting tangled and be sure to clean it after each use. Some people like to attach part of the hose to the front of their tactical vest to keep the line from getting hung up in trees and branches. Coiled remotes labeled as "Heavy Duty" will withstand a lot of punishment if you take care of them.

Coiled remotes are made by many manufacturers

There are so many different versions of coiled remotes but they all serve the same purpose. The quality of these remotes don't vary much, and most are made from the same heavy duty materials. Some offer different types of valves or lengths of the hose. Some of the more popular brands are:

  • Tippmann
  • 32 Degrees
  • ACI
  • Core
  • Custom Products
  • Kingman/Spyder
  • BT
  • PMI
  • Ninja Paintball
  • universal/generic

Installing a coiled remote is usually very straight forward. You should lightly lubricate the mating o-rings and install the fitting by the quick release slide check valve onto your guns air tank threads snuggly, but don't over tighten it. Then, attach the tank cap end with the on/off screw valve firmly to the top of your CO2 tank or HPA tank. Be sure to check for leaks before each use. Also make sure you apply a small drop of your guns lubricant to the o-rings and in the hose to keep the valves working smoothly.

Most of the hoses are about 3 feet relaxed and stretch out to 6 feet when pulled to extension. If the line seems a little tight and is pulling on your gun when your in a normal stance, try to spend some time stretching it out, they tend to have a little memory if you train them.

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Posted by Redwood

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