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Invert Halo Too Paintball Hopper

Invert Too Hopper

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We aren't often impressed with a product. Usually you get a pretty good performance out of the high priced paintball items, but the Invert Halo Too Paintball Hopper continues to blow us away with its performance and price. It's a high end performer at half the price, and now they even gave us a RIP drive to add onto our existing hoppers for only a few bucks more.

We blogged about the Halo Too hopper around a year ago. We were impressed with it then and it hasn't let us down since. Besides feeding undisturbed at a rate beyond what we can shoot at, it's very easy on batteries too. Battery consumption was our biggest complaint with the Halo B once we installed the Victory board. It was nice knowing we had an extreme hopper, but we were always replacing the batteries. The Invert Too Hopper has a much longer battery life than the Halo B and longer than our expectations.

The Invert Too Hopper continues to blow us away

Invert Halo Paintball Loader

Most of us are shooting with this loader and loving it. Invert gives it a claimed 20+ balls per second feed rate. Even with some of our higher end ramped guns we are unable to out shoot or notice misses on this loader. Its feed rate is smooth and error free. Not something that every paintball loader in the $70 price range can lay claim too, let alone back up.

The available RIP Drive is a great add-on to this little gem. It's only a $5 or $6 dollar add-on, but scores high on making the Halo Too a much more reliable piece of paintball equipment. It mounts just like it did on the Halo B and does the same actions as before.

The sound activated feeding is a big bonus if you are a serious woodsball or scenario player who spends lots of time waiting for the perfect target. We've noticed sound activated loaders tend to run less and consume batteries less when playing in the woods. Plus, you'll have no need to worry about eyes to keep clean or be misadjusted. It's a win - win!

Of course our favorite part is the ultra quiet freeway style anti-jam belt driven system that we have all come to love and continues to deliver its incredible performance. Invert proves they have their head on straight when they decided to give the Halo Too Hopper a low battery LED and a one hour auto shut-off. It's an awesome 180 round paintball hopper for the money.

Check out the Invert Halo Too Paintball Hopper NOW!

Posted by Redwood on 06/18/2010

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