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Invert Paintball Gear

invert paintball gear

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We can't help but do a post about Invert Paintball Gear. They have gone and created some of the best looking paintball gear for 2009. The pictures of their apparel don't do it justice. These pants, jerseys and gloves are some of the sharpest protective clothing to grace the paintball field in a long time. Quite honestly, this stuff is priced right too. Compare the same quality of apparel from a bigger name and you will pay a lot more.

Built with light weight mesh material to help dissipate heat and keep you cool. The padded contact areas keep you well protected where it counts. The ultra durable stitching in high stress areas make this apparel able to deal with all of the tough paintball action that you throw at it. Invert offers you a full line of apparel from gloves, to pants and jerseys in regular, large and youth sizes.

Invert paintball gear gives you protection,
durability and ventilation

The Invert paintball gear jerseys come in the Prevail or Limited style series. They have padded elbows for protection when making quick dives behind bunkers. The side panels are full mesh and designed to release heat. Need to pull your jersey over your elbow pads? Not a problem with the double ribbed sleeve cuffs. Graphics and patterns are sub-laminated to prevent washing off after repeat uses. Available sizes are small to 3x to fit almost every player on the field.

Nice pants! That's what your friends will be saying if you're sporting a new pair of the Invert paintball gear pants. Super reinforced nylon ballistic knees with padding and built in pre-curve to allow protection without bulk. Invert even built in 4-way stretch panels above the knees so your belt line doesn't get pulled down when you need to quickly drop behind a bunker. Other really nice things: swab pockets, lumbar support, ankle cuff cinch cords and a flexible area by your pod harness to prevent you from getting a big fat nasty wedgie! Of course, there are tons of mesh patches to keep you cool and slinging paintballs down field.

The Invert gloves are almost too hot looking to wear. Available in popular colors and ultra trick gel filled Kevlar padding to absorb shock. The very breathable Airprene construction is one of the reasons this Invert paintball gear is considered super high tech. Velcro closures keep the gloves on tight and the silicone printed grip keeps your hands on paint slick surfaces. Super sleek trigger finger construction helps you fit in your trigger frame to walk the trigger all over your competitors.

The 2009 line up of Invert Paintball Gear is one of the hottest apparel series available today.

Trick your team out with Invert Paintball Gear clothing today!

Posted by Redwood

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