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JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank


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Just when you think CO2 is loosing it's place in paintball, JT comes out with a new cutting edge tank. Introducing the all new JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank! It's full of features that even a high end HPA tank can't provide. It's priced very reasonably and available in two sizes to fit your playing style: A standard 20oz capacity and a heavy hitting 24oz'er for the player that goes out for the long haul.

Of course all of you serious scenario players know of JT Paintball and the great products they have been putting out for many years. They are very well known for their incredible masks and apparel. They have even been producing the JT TAC 5 paintball gun that is growing in popularity thanks to it's upgradeable frame. Now JT comes along with a cutting edge CO2 tank.

The JT IVT CO2 Tank is built to please

The new IVT system stands for Integrated Valve Technology. It's a huge leap forward in valve safety. The valve is now a separate part in the bottle and can not be accidentally unscrewed when removing the tank from your paintball gun. It's multi-piece design keeps the threaded end separate from the now internally mounted valve. This prevents the problem of the valve unscrewing from the tank and turning the bottle into a high speed and very dangerous projectile.

Another safety minded upgrade is how JT removed the burst disk from being part of the valve and mounted it in the top of the bottle. It makes for an easier replacement and prevents a bad valve from affecting the burst disk.

The new JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank also has a level indicator so you can see how much of a charge remains in the bottle. This can help save you a ton of cash by preventing you from filling the bottle when you have a 3/4 full bottle. Some fields charge per fill and other CO2 tanks don't allow you to see how much gas is left in your bottle.

Be on the cutting edge of the game with a new JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank.

Posted by Redwood

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