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JT Tac 5 Paintball Gun

Note: This gun has very limited availability.

jt tac5 paintball gun

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The JT TAC 5 paintball gun is an entry level marker that can be tricked out to keep up with the toughest scenario marker. It offers two accessory rails for sights or lights. The all aluminum construction make it light and durable. It's got a rear cocking knob and no external bolt openings, so the inside of your gun stays clean. This paintball gun comes standard with a double finger trigger.

Out-shoot your opponents with the JT Tac 5 paintball gun

One of the coolest features of the JT Tac 5 is it's adjustable feed neck. Not only does it adjust in size to fit almost any paintball loader, but it also moves from a left position, to right, to straight up. If you have a scope mounted you can position the feed neck tube off to the side. If you're a lefty, no problem, just push it off to the left position. Put it straight up for an "assault" look to keep your profile slim.

The bolt design is very maintenance free and can be serviced without tools. What does that mean to you? No need to lug a big tool selection to the field. The JT Tac 5 has a trick rear cocking bolt that doesn't externally cycle while shooting. It's blow-back design keeps it reliable and simple to service.

The ergonomic design make for a well balanced marker. The top carry handle works as a scope mount. The front adjustable grip helps aim and keeps the gun steady when lining up those sniper shots. The aluminum grip frame and comfy rubber grip keep the JT Tac 5 securely in your hand.

The double trigger and precision paintball barrel are features usually saved for higher end guns. Even available is an optional JT camouflage gun paint that makes this marker disappear into the woods. The JT Tac 5 paintball gun is a steal for the money.

Check out the JT Tac 5 Paintball Gun now.

Posted by Redwood

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