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Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery w/Charger

Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery and Wall Charger Combo

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People underestimate the importance of having a fully charged battery in their electronic paintball markers. Taxing a half or undercharged battery by working it with a high rate of fire is a bad idea. The Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery with Wall Mount Charger will keep your gun firing at full voltage.

If you are using a Kingman Spyder paintball gun, why not include their recommended rechargeable battery? It's Kingman approved and a nicer option than trying to remember to constantly buy new 9v disposable batteries. Plus, in this "Green" society, it's nice to recharge instead of adding an acid battery to the landfill.

These batteries can be used anywhere a 9 volt battery is need in paintball. Hoppers, guns, and chronographs are just a few of the things we use them for. It's better to have a fresh 9v battery for every time you step onto the field. You know your competition doesn't skimp on batteries.

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Posted by Redwood on 05/12/2010

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