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Kingman Spyder RS Paintball Gun

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kingman spyder rs

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Plop! Kingman drops in another entry level priced marker with the performance of a mid priced gun. Enter the Kingman Spyder RS Paintball Gun! The new RS is an electronic paintball gun that operates on CO2 or HPA. It has an anti-chop eye system, an inline regulator and an adjustable trigger. So many features that you would expect in a marker two or three times more expensive.

Kingman built the Spyder RS with the competitive player on a budget in mind. Its high rate of fire(20+ bps) will keep you shooting serious ropes of paint down field. The 3 way adjustable infinity trigger can be set up to fit your playing style. Choose from semi-auto or burst fire, the anti-chop eyes work in any mode.

The Kingman Spyder RS Marker is Tournament Ready

The Spyder RS has a state of the art gas management system too. A low 300psi operating pressure and fast charge inline regulator are the key elements of the "Synergy Engineering" dual air source system. It's designed to keep the 20+ balls per second firing rate shoot efficiently and consistently. This not only saves you air refills, but helps your predictable accuracy. This system works well with CO2 or HPA.

Other nice features include a quick release Delrin bolt, an external velocity adjustment, and a twist lock style clamping feed neck.

Check out the Kingman Spyder RS Paintball Gun now.

Posted by Redwood

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