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Magfed Paintball | The New Genre

Magfed paintball is really taking off. There are new leagues forming and fields that are running magazine only events. The interest in these new opportunities of play is increasing and creating a new genre of paintball.

As costs of equipment, paintballs, and field fees go up, paintball becomes more expensive every year. The natural progression for a player is to buy and build markers that shoot faster, which in turn increases the amount spent on paintballs every time you visit the field. Magfed paintball takes a big bite out of these rising costs.

RAP4 468 Magfed Marker

Magfed is the term used to designate a paintball marker that is capable of loading the balls from a magazine(vs. a hopper/loader). This adds realism to the game and limits the amount of paint one is able to shoot downfield. There are new magazine fed markers and conversion kits available for non-magazine fed(hopper fed) markers being added regularly. As an example, manufacturers such as Tacamo have created mag conversion kits for many of the popular Tippmann markers.

RAP4 has been at the top of the magfed craze for quite a while now. Their T68 is a cutting edge marker with its design inspiration from the M4/AR15 platform. They recently released the 468 - a top of the line customizable magfed marker. They’ve also introduced the MKV/MKP & support for the Tacamo conversion kits to make your Tippmann(and other) markers magfed. This has brought on a whole new availability of affordable entrance into the magfed world.

Kingman also introduced the MR5 marker which is capable of using a standard loader, or being a magazine fed marker. This makes the marker very versatile for anyone not wanting to commit to magfed only. The MR5 is also First Strike(a special shaped paintball) round compatible with special magazines, which is exciting news for paintball snipers.

Magfed markers can be built without the need for expensive electronics that typically are needed to provide a high rate of fire, but is not necessary when shooting a limited amount of paint from these lower capacity magazines.

These magfed games tend to focus more on movement and strategy vs games where extreme fire power is used by laying huge ropes of paintballs. Now with limited rounds the game seems to be returning to its roots and focusing more on the nitty gritty of kissing the ground for cover and moving from bunker to bunker for position advantage.

New magfed videos are being frequently uploaded to YouTube( This is proof of magfed’s newly discovered popularity and fields hosting magazine only events. Continuation of this trend and a focus on keeping things affordable may be exactly the boost paintball needs.

Posted by Redwood on 03/19/2014