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Ninja Paintball Tanks and Regulators

ninja paintball tanks

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Ninja Paintball is all about producing quality air systems. The Ninja Paintball tanks and regulators are an affordable option that you should take a serious look at. The tanks come in most popular sizes, including a 13ci x 3000psi model for pump paintball players. The 68ci x 4500psi carbon fiber tank is about $155, which makes for an affordable high end tank.

The DOT and TC compliant aluminum(3000psi) and carbon fiber(4500psi) tanks have a 5 year hydro schedule. They are lighter than a typical tank of similar size, the 68ci x 4500psi tank weights in at 2.5 pounds and the tiny 13ci x 3000psi tank comes in at less than one pound.

Take a Competitive Edge with Ninja Paintball Tanks

Ninja Paintball has produced a cutting edge regulator system that has a Sonic Recharge Technology to provide a ultra fast recharge rate to keep up with today's demanding player. The output pressure is adjustable using the Ninja shim system instead of the typical spring swap design. This allows you to tailor your tanks output to exactly what you need. These regulators are a very affordable replacement option and can be swapped out during a re-hydro at Ninja Paintball.

and Regulators now...

Step up your game with one of the Ninja Paintball Tanks now.

Posted by Redwood

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