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Overdrive Paintball Loader

Overdrive Paintball Loader

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If your making the change from a gravity feed to a force feed, the 9v Overdrive paintball loader by Extreme Rage might be the right loader for you. It's a very affordable loader and will feed your gun a consistent 9+ balls per second to help you out shoot your competitors. The Overdrive paintball loader makes sense for a better player on a budget looking to increase their effective rate of fire and step up to the next level.

Step up with a Overdrive Paintball Loader

With only one 9 volt battery to service, the Overdrive paintball loader has a battery conserving electronic switching system. You select from three feed speeds depending on your needs: Recreational, Fast Feed, or Competition. If you have a long day of scenario play planned, set it for recreational and conserve your battery. Doing some tournament style breaks and snap shooting? Just change the setting to the competition level and feed your gun at 9+ balls per second!

The Vortex feed system is designed to keep you shooting the full 190 ball capacity jam free. You'll know when it's batter power is turned on and operational by the LED on the rear of the hopper. The easy view lid lets you quickly check the amount of paintballs left in the hopper. The Overdrive paintball loader has a durable composite construction to help it endure the bumps and bangs from playing high energy competitive paintball.

Check out the Overdrive Paintball Loader now.

Posted by Redwood

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