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Paintball CO2 Fill Station

Paintball CO2 Fill Station

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Ease of use and durability are part of a good paintball co2 fill station. Safely having several users being able to quickly fill co2 tanks is important. But having a paintball co2 fill station that will last for many years will keep you playing and not paying. For most paintball fields, DOT, CGA and ASTM standards must be met for their insurance carriers. Most also require a dual valve type fill station.

Buy a Paintball CO2 Fill Station that fits your needs

For teams, individuals or a full fledged paintball field, having a reliable Paintball CO2 Fill Station is a great investment. There are several brands of single and dual valve fill stations available. Most are reasonably priced and will serve you for many years. A typical set up will come assembled with a source tank attachment, a paintball co2 tank attachment, stainless steel hose, cut-off valves and instructions. The more expensive ones come with a bleed valve and hose to dump the excess CO2. You will have to provide your own scale for weighing tanks to know when they are full.

Mini single valve paintball co2 fill stations are a great way for individual weekend warrior players to keep their tanks and their friends tanks full. All you need is a CO2 bulk source, a scale and a mini-station like the Ninja Mini. These are easy to use and can save you a lot of money over a short period of time.

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