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Paintball Coiled Remote

paintball coiled remote

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Your typical scenario player makes good use of a paintball coiled remote. It provides the ability to take the weight and bulk of the air tank off of the gun and put it on your back. That can free up your paintball marker to make it more mobile or give you more configuration options.

There are several major name brand paintball manufacturers that produce paintball coiled remotes. The standard remote comes with a valve connection, a coiled line, and a 90 degree adapter with an on/off screw type valve to mount on the top of your air tank. These lines work with either CO2 or HPA and don't require a huge investment.

A Coiled Remote Line can free up your Paintball Marker to
make it more mobile or give you more configuration options.

The cool thing about having a remote line is that you can fit each of your paintball guns or pistols with an adapter for a quick connect. So, you can go hunting for opponents with your Tippmann A5 and quickly switch to your pistol and use the same air supply.

coiled remote cover

Coiled Remote w/Cover

The RAP4 Strikeforce paintball vest has a cross-draw pistol holster that keeps your paintball pistol close. You can mount it so that the air connection is facing up, so when you drop your primary marker onto the sling, you can quickly disconnect and reconnect the air to the pistol. It's pure tactical genius.

Speaking of RAP4, they make some really nice remote lines with covers, or you can buy the covers separate. Check them out HERE

Another great thing about using a remote air line, is that you remove the tank from your gun. Most tournament players use the tank as the guns stock. This isn't the best place for the tank, but a tournament player is usually only playing for a few minutes at a time. That allows them to use smaller tanks and be more rested so that the weight isn't a factor. A scenario player typically needs more gear over a long period of playing, so wearing a tactical vest or paintball harness provides opportunities for a tank pocket.

Some paintball guns, like the RAP4 T68, offer a place for a small tank inside of the functional butt stock. This doesn't work for most players due to the amount of paintballs that they want to shoot in a single session. You would be constantly refilling the small tank. Having a full size tank in your pack is much more functional and cost effective.

ninja coiled remote

Ninja Coiled Remote

The coiled remote line can get hung up in brush, branches or bunkers, but you will quickly find a way to manage the line and keep it free from tangling. Most lines are long enough to fit any shooting position, such as laying prone for sniper shots, yet short enough to remain out of harms way.

Some of the more important things to look for are the thickness of the coiled line. Make sure the material feels soft and not some kind of hard plastic that will start to crack with little wear. Also, make sure the slide check valve is of a decent quality. If you're purchasing it online, look for product reviews to see what people are saying about that specific model.

One of the coiled remote lines that we like is the Ninja Remote, it wears well and seems to be made of quality materials. It typically sells for just under $30. There are several others in this price range that do well too.

Having a paintball coiled remote won't guarantee you more eliminations, but it will provide you with the opportunity to use your equipment more effectively. They are very affordable and easily available.

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Posted by Redwood on 5/25/2010

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