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Paintball FAQ and Queries

We get asked a ton of questions regularly. Some we plain old don't have an answer for, others are a great opportunity for us to help people out. Many of our visitors are seeking answers to misconceptions, looking to further their paintball knowledge or seeking a part for their equipment. We have begun keeping a list of FAQ with answers. This page will be updated often.

How to turn on a Proto paintball gun

When ever you're trying to figure out the basic operations of a paintball gun and you don't have the manual, we recommend searching YouTube for videos. There tends to be a lot of info about any given gun on there. If you're searching for the guns manual, check out our paintball gun manual page.

Sponsorship information

We have a ton of sponsorship information around our site. We are a paintball team so we do not offer any sponsorships ourselves. We do however want to help you get your team sponsored. We've provided links to places looking for teams, resume examples and general information on how to get a paintball sponsorship.

Mokal paintball gun parts

Unfortunately, Mokal doesn't have a program yet that allows us to sell their products in our affiliate store. We hope to soon be able to connect you with their great products. Even if you search on, they have pretty much nothing for Mokal paintball guns and parts.

SP1 paintball gun

Unfortunately, with Smart Parts closing their doors, the SP1 is no longer available new. You may be able to find it used on eBay. As of this writing, there is talk of a company purchasing all Smart Parts designs and rights to start building the markers again. Hopefully this will work out and we will be shooting their guns again!

Cheap bb guns

I'm assuming we are talking about airsoft guns here. If you are looking for a fun super cheap airsoft gun, look here for a spring model. They are usually cheaper and can take a lot of pounding. The gas and CO2 guns can get a little pricey so stick with spring powered for a cheap yet fun bb gun!

Gameface Recon E5 Paintball Gun

Wal-Mart maybe the best place to buy a Gameface Recon E5 Paintball Gun that we have found. It's a hugely modified JT recon gun ready to rip up the scenario scene for the beginner paintballer. JT has been well known for their paintball masks, but they like to venture into other aspects of paintball also.

Trinity Paintball does a great job, but we are not sponsored by them nor are we affiliated with them in any way at this point. We would recommend Paintball-Online, they are one of the largest online paintball stores and have great free shipping deals and unmatched customer service.

Paintball shooting games

Obviously, we have a great place for you to go play some fun paintball shooting games. Enjoy...

Fokus paintball

Fokus paintball is a part of Mokal paintball. And like we said, we don't have the opportunity at this point to sell their products.

Most accurate barrel

We get this question all the time. People wanting to know what the best bet is for their gun. We even wrote and article on finding the most accurate paintball barrel. If you have time, give that a read. If you want my quick short version; In our experience some of the cheapest barrels have proven to be the most accurate. Our favorite is the J&J ceramic. It's ultra accurate, quiet and a breeze to clean. Plus it just looks sleek.

Paintball pictures

We don't have a ton of paintball pictures on our site. Non of us are very handy with a camera. We do however have a nice selection of paintball girls pictures. This page needs an update and we will soon be bringing you more women of paintball including some of the manufacturer models. WOOT!

Kingman 2ND generation Venturi Bolt

We wrote a very general article on bolt upgrades. How ever if you're seeking information or looking to buy a specific Kingman Spyder paintball gun bolt, we will let the good people over at Paintball-Online take care of that one.

Empire Avatar Vents yellow

Empire is becoming established as one of the dominating sources of quality, high performance paintball equipment. Their Avatar Vents Masks are no exception. A great mask system for any player.

Mitec mt 75 mp5 manual

We started collecting paintball gun manuals a few months ago. Hopefully, they will stay updated and you will find them a great source of information.

How old do you have to be to be on a paintball team

You can find younger teams by searching on popular paintball forum regional threads and start asking. The only limitations I could see for this would be the age that the fields you plan on playing at will allow. Different paintball fields have different age minimums, call and ask your local field.

Indoor paintballing

Indoor paintball is a god sent for us Northern players. No one wants to go out and play in the snow in below zero weather. Your gun doesn't work and eventually the paintballs tend to freeze solid. At that point getting hit by a paintball is just a little bit painful. We wrote an article on Indoor Paintballing. Including some tips about how to adapt and what to expect vs outdoor paintballing.

Posted by Redwood

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