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Paintball Gloves

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Most of us enjoy the protection of paintball gloves. Depending on what kind of a player you are, you seek out different types of paintball gloves. The tournament player typically buys a light weight glove that focuses on breathable material and high color high resolution graphics. The scenario player looks more for a little heavier protection from brush and bunker snags. Both type of gloves have a huge selection if you know where to look.

If you prefer to go without paintball gloves, maybe you haven't been properly introduced to the style that will serve you best. Often, we see cheap paintball gloves with thick fabric piles on the tips of the fingers. This prevents you from having a real skin feeling and can affect your ability to pick up small items or truely feel your triggers travel. A quality pair of gloves will eliminate this problem and give you a better feel. Another option is to use fingerless gloves for paintball.

Paintball Gloves Add Protection and Comfort

Getting hit in the hands or fingers can be one of the most painful spots to take a shot. Most of the full on hand/finger hits will cause bleeding and several days of soreness or swelling. If it's extra protection you're looking for against this abuse, there are several companies that offer armored paintball gloves. They typically fit the scenario crowd, but can serve a tournament player just as well.

Tournament Paintball Gloves

Tournament paintball gloves are becoming more inventive. Dye makes the Meta tournament paintball glove that includes a fingerless and very nonrestrictive design that's made from compression formed EVA foam. It's a super light weight material that is thin yet absorbs an impact by displacing the force over a larger portion of your hand.

Empire Contact Gloves

Empire Contact Paintball Gloves

Empire Sports supplies the tournament player with their Contact model that offers full finger protection. Its main focus is a snug fit on your index and middle trigger finger to give you a detailed feel of your high end gun's micro switch. It allows you maximum control of your firing fingers while still offering you the full protection needed during tournaments with high rates of fire. The palms have a Kevlar reinforced pad that gives you maximum durability and a long service life.

Empire also has a LTD model of paintball glove for tournament or scenario players. It has the index and middle fingers removed, also known as freedom style or free finger shooting gloves. The thumb and remaining fingers are build with a hinged style material that lets you have total movement. The thumb has a unique micro fiber patch that allows you to wipe away any unwanted paint or debris off of your paintball mask safely without scratching your lens.

Invert Limited Gloves

Invert Limited Paintball Gloves

Invert is also a hugely popular name in paintball and they have their hand in the glove market too. The Invert Limited and Prevail lines of paintball gloves are a higher end glove designed for the performance player. The Limited paintball glove has a super comfortable gel palm to absorb shock with a Kevlar reinforced area to prevent destruction from the normal wear and tear. They include a breathable Airprene material to keep your hands nice and cool during hot summer play. The Prevail model has stretchable Spandex material that fits almost any players hand. The Prevail also includes silicone grip areas to keep your marker securely in your hands even when wet or covered with paint.

Planet Eclipse has their ever popular Gauntlet fingerless paintball gloves that are form padded and really give you a lot of impact protection. The form padding actually allows the paintballs to bounce instead of braking on your hands. The Gauntlet paintball gloves are constructed with neoprene for maximum breathable ventilation. They also have a terrycloth thumb for cleaning your goggles in an emergency.

Planet Eclipse also offers a full fingered glove with its own unique features. There are Kevlar reinforced impact areas, an extra wide wrist strap to offer support and reduce wrist strains, tactically printed silicone padding on the palm to increase grip areas, and a quick release designed to let you out of the glove with minimal effort.

Sly Pro-Merc Paintball Gloves

Sly Pro-Merc Paintball Gloves

Sly Paintball recently came onto the scene with some great new products. Their Pro-Merc gloves have a memory foam palm padding that forms to your gun and offers a better fit in your hand. The back of the hand is covered in a Visco-elastic dual phase padding that is designed to bound paintballs and keep you in the game longer. They also have a raised chromed 3d logo and trim-able trigger finger area.

Scenario Paintball Gloves

Core makes a nice scenario minded paintball glove. They have a full finger and a fingerless model to suit your playing needs. Like most of the Core Paintball Products, these gloves are a little more affordable but still deliver a quality product. Both versions have a padded leather palm and a strong Velcro wrist strap. The fingered gloves offer a hinged palm to finger area, rubber finger plates and neopreme knuckle padding to give you extra reinforcement in areas that take the most damage.

BT Fingerless Paintball Gloves

BT Fingerless Paintball Gloves

BT is in the same boat as Core. They make a fingered and fingerless pair of paintball gloves that will serve any paintball player well. The BT full fingered sniper gloves give you a stretchable material that keeps your hand movements silent when making adjustments or reloading. The BT Combat half finger camo paintball gloves give you gel knuckle and palm padding with a silicone printed palm pattern for extra grip when you're in a slippery environment.

The JT Pro series of paintball gloves are an excellent choice for the multi-environment player who enters scenario events and tournaments. They have Spandex knuckle joins, a padded Kevlar palm and a host of other great features that will help make your paintball game an enjoyable one.

RAP4 Paintball Gloves

RAP4 paintball gloves open up a whole new way of shopping for this protective apparel. They have several model of paintball gloves designed for a tough service life made for military and law enforcement use.

RAP4 SOF Paintball Gloves

RAP4 SOF Paintball Gloves

SOF Tactical paintball gloves are a full finger or half finger model used by law enforcement and are constructed of high end materials. They have a super heavy-duty stitching and an advanced economical design that can take a lot of punishment. The base construction is leather and available in tan, green and black, and most common paintball glove sizes.

Sup Grip Armored paintball gloves are perfect for the paintballer and come in full finger or half finger. They will definitely dispel the blow from a 300 foot per second paintball hurling at your knuckles and may even bounce it instead of breaking the ball and eliminating you from that round of play. These gloves are available in black only.

RAP4 Swat Tactical Gloves

RAP4 Swat Tactical Gloves

The RAP4 Swat Tactical Leather Issue paintball gloves are the best of both worlds. Reviews on their paintball gloves are very positive. They too are available in half or full finger design and several colors. They have padding on the back of the glove and have a high grip suede palm.

Hybrid paintball gloves work for tournament and scenario players alike. They offer a medium level of protection and are usually designed with a little darker colors and graphics. Some of the better hybrid models include; BT Combat, BT Sniper, Kingman Competition, and JT Pro.

We spend so much on markers, barrels, stocks, accessories and upgrades that we too often forget to spend money protection our own skin. Often paintball gloves seem like an item we can do without. Players from all levels of paintball, whether you shoot a tricked out Custom 98 or a stock Dye Matrix, should keep their comfort in mind.

No matter what your style of paintball(or airsoft) playing is, you will benefit from the protection and added grip of a quality pair of paintball gloves. With so many great choices from big name paintball manufacturers, you'd be silly to not find a pair of paintball gloves to suit you.

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Posted by Redwood on 05/04/2010