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Paintball Knee Pads

Paintball Knee Pads

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Who said road-rash isn't possible in the woods? Paintball Knee Pads are fast becoming the most important piece of protection right behind your precious paintball mask. Knee and shin padding has become an essential part of any serious players list of tools, making you more confident in bunker slides and/or running through brush to dive into cover. Don't overlook this great improvement to your game.

Protect yourself with Paintball Knee Pads

Most serious clothing and protection companies in this sport offer some model of paintball knee pads. With such a large range of brands, there are several price ranges to fit your budget. Some of the more common brands are:

  • Dye
  • Proto
  • Smart Parts
  • NXe
  • Evil
  • Empire
  • Paintball Junkies
  • JT
  • Redz

Typical paintball knee pads come with Velcro or straps with adjustable buckles to fit the knee pads to your legs, keeping them securely in the position best suited for full protection. Most are formed using a super tough compression formed poly construction. The higher-end designs use a venting/breathable Airprene type foam body to keep you cool when intense play ensues.

When playing woodsball, tree roots, nails hanging out from bunker construction, or hidden rocks in the ground can really ding your legs up. Especially when you need to make a fast move and your more concerned about keeping your eyes on competitors vs eyes on where you are landing. Paintball knee pads are definitely here to protect your shins and knees when making these moves.

Most are designed to fit tightly over your clothing which protects your expensive paintball pants too. They should have padding on the sides of the knees to help out during slides or when crawling at different angles. You never know when you'll get yourself into a situation where you need protection provided by Paintball Knee Pads.

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Posted by Redwood

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