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Paintball Neck Protector

paintball neck protectors

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Have you ever gotten dinged in the neck before? I mean a straight on full 300 feet per second shot to the throat? It's time to buy a paintball neck protector! Shots to your neck usually leave a healthy size welt and are very painful. Paintball players all over are choosing to wear paintball neck protection due to the new levels of comfort and cheap prices they are commonly found for.

Most paintball neck protectors have an adjustable Velcro closure to allow a good fit for just about any size neck. They should fit snug but not choke you. Most have moisture releasing ventilation holes to keep proper air circulation. This keeps the protector from becoming an itchy mess.

Comfort and protection with a paintball neck protector

Most are made from compression contoured padding and available in some style of camo or commonly found in black. Some of the more common brands of paintball neck protectors are:

  • BT
  • Spyder
  • Invert
  • NXe
  • 32deg
  • JT

The better paintball neck protectors have some type of edge piping the keep the stitching or edge of the material from digging into your neck. There is nothing worse than having to constantly readjust your neck protection while playing.

Posted by Redwood

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