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Paintball Shoes: Go!

Probably one of the most over looked pieces of equipment on the field is a good pair of paintball shoes. You will see people drop a thousand dollars on a marker and several hundred to upgrade it, but they will be running around in some worn out everyday shoes. Seems such a waste to have all that great equipment and no traction when trying to move it from one bunker to another.

Metal cleats went bye bye a long time ago. If you are spotted with metal cleats at an air ball field, you would probably get a lynch mob sent after you. Today's cleats are build to provide you with ultimate control for starting, stopping and blasts of unpredictable turns and dives. It's like installing bionics to your feet. This often easily overlooked, yet very affordable piece of paintball gear, can give you a big advantage on the field.

The Exalt TRX Cleats are our Paintball Shoes of Choice

Exalt TRX Paintball Cleats

Exalt TRX Paintball Cleats

Most of the Wolfpack guys run on the Exalt TRX cleats. They are totally affordable, available in mens sizes and you can switch out the cleats for different conditions. Some of the older guys still run on the Dye ATC shoes. Those serve their purpose too, but the Exalt are true athletic performing shoes and are more affordable.

The sweet thing about the Exalt shoes is that they give you plenty of protection but still give you a good feel of the ground and your footing. This is super important in paintball because you want your eyes down field and not down at your feet. Most of the heavier shoes or boots that people wear don't provide this distinct advantage.

The TRX paintball shoes also come with a handy bag to toss your cleats in after a dirty day of playing. I don't know how many times I've had to transport my cleats so they didn't roll around in the car on the ride home and get everything else dirty.

These cleats also come with two sets of different depth cleats and a tool for quickly changing them. We mostly keep the shorter cleats in and that seems to take care of almost all of our playing fields. The longer ones can be employed if you are playing on a wet field or in woods with a lot of muddy areas.

Exalt Paintball Shoes

As one of the most important parts of your playing gear, paintball shoes should be high priority. Don't settle for wearing just any old shoes or boots. Build your game for success with the Exalt TRX Paintball Shoes.

Take your paintball game up a notch ~ paintball shoes NOW!

Posted by Redwood on 07/13/2010

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