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Paintball Sniper Barrels

paintball sniper barrels

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Paintball Sniper Barrels can put distance, accuracy and stealth on your shots. Looking the part of a serious scenario player can be accomplished by adding a 18-21 inch barrel to your marker. Adding one of these barrels will give you the chance to out-shoot your opponents and deliver a paintball out of their return range inducing fear and respect.

Barrel lengths have been a hot topic of argument for or against paintball sniper barrels. Many people say after 14 inches the ball actually slows down and looses velocity inside the barrel and affects your accuracy negatively. Others argue that rifling is a mute point in a paintball sniper barrel because spinning a non-perfectly round ball makes it less accurate. Almost everyone can agree that the porting can increase accuracy and quiet the shots down. Porting prevents the single loud "POP" noise when the paintball leaves your barrel and gives away your position.

Paintball Sniper Barrels come in many styles and brands

Just about any serious manufacturer of products in this sport produces a line of paintball sniper barrels. Different lengths from 14-21 inches are commonly available. Many different type of porting are marketed to help spin the ball or quiet your shots. Internal rifling is often machined inside the barrel to spin the ball like a bullet. Even designs that can add distance(Flatline) and curve the ball(Apex) are available. Some of the more common brands are:

  • Tippmann
  • BT
  • J&J
  • CMI
  • Spyder
  • Smart Parts
  • Lapco
  • Stiffi
  • 32deg

Add one of the many available Paintball Sniper Barrels to your gun today.

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Posted by Redwood on 03/18/2009