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Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

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Paintball Tips and Tricks

We are constantly getting emails from beginners and long time tournament and scenario players asking us for paintball tips, tricks and strategies. They usually want to know how to drastically improve their game. As much as I'd like to be able to spout off some brilliant sounding epiphany of knowledge to them, I don't really think we have the answers. Years of playing tournaments and scenarios doesn't teach you so much what to do, as much as it teaches you what not to do. Believe me, speaking for myself, I've done enough stupid things for a life time of Paintball play.

One thing Team Wolfpack has learned to do over the years is to keep your ears open at paintball events. Picking up on other team's chatter is not only entertaining, but can uncover a view of something you would have never thought of. When another team is walking a paintball field, their eyes are often looking at it in a different mind set than yours.

Gain paintball knowledge through others experience

The more experienced a player is, the more they have learned to communicate what they see. They also tend to know more of what NOT to do. This is often more important than needing to know what to do. Imagine a player like Ollie Lang walking behind you saying, "Don't do that, you'll be open from that angle and you could get trapped in there", or something like that. Gaining the insight of a great player like that would be a huge advantage.

Ollie is now sharing his insights with you online!

Here is a very affordable opportunity for you to gain the knowledge from one of the best players in the world. Ollie Lang is sharing his paintball tips, tricks and strategies in this now available ebook/ecourse. Imagine hitting the field after reading Ollie's ebook and the advantages you'd have over your competitors.

Posted by Redwood

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