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Paintball is an exciting action packed sport. It's played by people of all ages all around the world. It began as a way of ranch owners to mark their cattle. The game evolved to people playing army. Its continued to evolve in to current day paintball tournaments. These tournaments are played on open fields with inflatable bunkers. Most players wear brightly colored uniforms. The games last 30 seconds to 5 minutes and are fast action packed matches. The guns used fire as many as 35 paintballs a second and can cost over $2,000. Teams and leagues are forming all over the world. Paintball is one of the fastest growing extreme sports. ESPN, FOX Sports, The Outdoor Channel and several others are broadcasting major paintball tournaments. The sport is drawing sponsors, advertisers and industries to it. The growth potential seems unlimited at this time. Online paintball stores are popping up every week.

Paintball is one of the largest growing sports

New products, gear, guns and equipment are being introduced every day. Paintball fields are starting up all over the country. New forms of the game are being introduced, such as reusable rubber paintballs.

A person interested in playing can seek out a field by the yellow pages and organize an outing with friends. With minimal cost one could start playing. The average beginner player starts out with camouflage playing against his friends in the woods. Rental equipment is available at fields. The only thing a first time paintballer needs is courage, a sense of adventure and a few dollars. National stores such as Wal-Mart carry entry level paintball guns at an affordable cost. Many websites around the Internet are available to help new paintballers, such as . Forums, news groups and clubs are available to join. Established teams are actively searching for new players.

Manufactures of paintball products such as Spyder, Dye, Tippmann, Angel and PMI have been around for years and set the standards. Their involvement at tournaments and with individual paintball teams has been a determining factor in designating them as industry leaders.

Posted by Redwood on 08/25/05

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