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Pinokio Urban Digi-Camo Paintball Loader

pinokio camo loader

Price Check: New Used

Note: This loader maybe discontinued

The Pinokio loader has created a big splash in the paintball world. They seem to be taking it to the next level now with the new Urban Digi-Camo version and charging a pretty penny for it. This maybe the single most expensive loader in paintball today. Just when you thought it couldn't cost you any more to play this crazy game.

This thing has it all. If you are serious about having every advantage including ultimate camoflauge, this maybe the loader for you. The Digi-Camo Duracoat flat paint finish will help keep the larger hopper shell hidden during woods and urban raids.

Introducing the Pinokio Camo Loader

This upgraded paintball loader is an appearance upgrade only. You still get all the great features of the standard Pinokio. The 250 or 400 round convertible shell helps feed at 30 plus ball per second with the efficient motor that shoots up to 37 cases of paint on one set of two 9volt batteries.

It's advanced ergonomic design keeps your forward target signature less than a normal loader when coming around a bunker. Its sleek size and slightly swept back positioning on your gun helps prevent ball breaks on the shell.

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