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Pinokio Paintball Loader

pinokio paintball loader

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This is no wooden doll with a growing nose! The new Pinokio paintball loader is a high end adjustable extra capacity paintball feed system for serious players. It's extreme shell capacity and high ball feed rate make it one of the most desired loaders on the market today. It's two in one design is great for a front player or a back man. Spend less time loading and more time focused on maintaining your shooting lanes.

Two different front shells come with the Pinokio paintball loader. A standard 240 round shell and a super 400 round attachment to keep a player shooting for longer times between reloads.

Pinokio paintball loader switches from 240 to 400 balls

Pinokio's feet rate is over 30 balls per second. Thats enough to keep any high end paintball gun fed with balls. The feed motor is very battery friendly and is powered by two 9 volt batteries. A fresh set of batteries will keep the Pinokio feeding for up to 37 cases of paintballs. This paintball loader also weighs in at just under one pound with batteries and the large 400 round shell.

So if you're ready to step up your back game or just want to have the flexibility to be ready for any situation, the Pinokio paintball loader is for you. It is available in black, clear, camo and smoke finishes.

Check out the Pinokio Paintball Loader now.

Posted by Redwood

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