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Press Release - Portal Paintball Magazine

This press release was sent to us by Ruben Campo on February 22, 2007.

This is Ruben, from Portal Paintball magazine. Portal Paintball is the first and only paintball magazine, written in Spanish and Portuguese. We have a bimonthly publication (six issues per year) and 92 full color pages. Our main markets are: Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil. We continue opening market in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela, Texas, Panama, and other South-American countries.

Portal Paintball S.L is a company located in Madrid (Spain) whose journalists are specialized in the world of paintball. Many of them compete in teams in their own countries, so we write about the sport we love and practice. This international magazine covers tournaments all around the globe, focusing specially on the Iberoamerican.

Every article in the magazine is written in both Spanish and Portuguese. The main content of the magazine deals with paintball worldwide and specifically the Iberoamerican countries, paying close attention to the topics that the readers in those countries are interested in: tournaments, interviews, equipments, news, visual reports, etc, and no doubt, a section dedicated to the most important aspects of our web portal that has the same name as our magazine:

In the web page we have always the summary and index of every issue. This information along with an image of the cover is sent to the main portals, so they can have it available for their visitors.

Best Regards,

Ruben Campo

Posted by Redwood on 02/22/07

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