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Note: These prebuilt gun kits may be no longer available.

Project Salvo Elite Sniper

project salvo

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For some it seems a pretty obvious choice for the Project Salvo gun. It has been a major release for Tippmann into a demanding scenario market place. This gun is being embraced by serious milsim players as perhaps one of the best choices ever for a sniper gun. Its huge list of available upgrades, cost effectiveness, and almost unmatched ability to deliver a paintball down field, set it apart from its wana be competitors.

Why the Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper?

The basics of this gun set it up as the perfect sniper gun build. Its got the roots of the well developed Tippmann 98 and the skin of an X7. With enough Picatinny rails to mount every living accessory you could ever dream up, its got enough room for any roll the gun can be thrown into. Rate of fire can be managed by the available eGrip or gas powered Tippmann Response trigger.

With the Project Salvo gun using Tippmann 98 barrel threads, it opens up your choices to just about any barrel available. The Flatline barrel certainly comes to mind with it's 250 foot reach. But so many other companies are making highly rated sniper barrels now with an accurate and virtually total silent shot masking ability. The option to pick and choose sniper barrels is unlimited.

There are several pre-built and nicely balanced Salvo sniper kits available, including the Elite Sniper and basic Sniper packages from Paintball-Online. These guns come with everything you need for starting out as a designated sniper picking off targets quietly at great distances.

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