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Pure Energy 48x4500 HPA Tank

pure energy tank

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As newer guns keep getting better air efficiency, there has been a strong shift to smaller air tanks by tournament players. The smaller your set up, the smaller of a target you are. And too, if you can shave some weight off of your equipment, it allows you to run faster and be quicker snap shooting. The new Pure Energy 48ci x 4500psi HPA tank is fast becoming a popular choice for players who are optimizing what they walk onto the field with.

The Pure Energy carbon fiber tanks boast good looking basic graphics that you don't need to hide under a tank cover. The heavy duty aluminum regulator has a standard twin burst disc design with an easy to read gauge. It has a high output 800-850psi to keep your gun charged and ready to unload paintballs.

The Compact Pure Energy 48x4500 HPA Tank

The stubby sized tanks are becoming the standard on tournament fields. It allows you to tuck your gun up and in faster and further. It's ultra light weight characteristic delivers a lower gun combination weight and lets you snap shoot faster. Being able to pull the gun in closer helps you maintain a smaller target, especially when coming around a bunker.

The Pure Energy 48x4500 typically gives 700-1000 shots depending greatly on the paintball guns efficiency. A new 2010 Planet Eclipse Ego could easily expect upwards of 1k shots. That's typically more than enough in a single match for all but the strongest back player. Front, mid and most back players can expect all the benefits of a much more comfortable tank.

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Posted by Redwood

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