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Ultra Air Pure Energy Tank

pure energy tank

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As time goes on, paintball HPA tanks are coming down in price. The new Ultra Air Pure Energy Tank is a perfect example of this. It's a fully tricked out carbon fiber tank with a strong regulator and nice graphics. Pure Energy has made some of the more affordable tanks with a strong commitment to quality. The new Ultra Air series is built directly off of this mold.

This tank is their next generation of light weight carbon fiber tanks produced in the United States. The high resolution graphics are something you can be proud of, instead of having to hide them under some cheap tank cover. This tank also weights in about 35% under other similar tanks. It's construction and components meet DOT, ASTM, CGA and TC certifications.

The new Ultra Air Pure Energy Tank Series

The tanks fill to 4500 psi and have a user convertible regulator with an output pressure from 800psi to 450psi with the included low pressure conversion kit. The nickel/brass bonnet is replaceable and makes for a very long service life. This new Pure Energy Reactor II regulator also provides you with a super high flow and consistantly fast recharge time to keep your guns high rate of fire in full force. Included is a service parts kit, a top rated stainless steal fill nipple, both high and low safety burst disks, and a five year hydro test cycle.

Check out the Ultra Air Pure Energy Tank now.

Posted by Redwood

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