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RAP4 T68 M4 Paintball Guns and Accessories

RAP4 M4 Gun with Grenade Launcher

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RAP4's T68 is an awesome paintball gun that any scenario player would be proud to carry onto the battle field. It's an ultra realistic marker that can be purchased in a magazine fed all metal chassis. Its feel and function is very realistic.

RAP4 makes several versions of this paintball marker labeled as M4. They also sell accessories to help you construct a stock T68 into a highly customized M4 that is capable of what ever your needs are. Many of the accessories are constructed from metal and are replicas of real world M4 parts.

It's an ultra realistic marker that can be purchased
in a magazine fed all metal chassis.

RAP4 T68 M4 Paintball Gun

RAP4 T68 M4 Paintball Gun

The T68 Firestorm with Select-Fire(full auto capable) is a great base gun to build on. It has an electronic trigger that lets you decide what your mode of fire is. The carry handle is detachable and houses an iron sight. The air system is totally customizable depending on what you are comfortable with. You can get an internal butt stock mounted tank or use an external air supply source.

The standard T68 M4 Generation 6 gun is a remarkable paintball gun. It has a very comfortable M4 style hand guard and sites. The tactical barrel is 14 inches and has some porting and a flash suppressor appearing tip. It's available with the famous RAP4 magazine fed system. You can purchase more magazines to populate your Strikeforce Vest or get an adapter for a hopper attachment and run standard paintball loaders.

RAP4 T68 M4 Sniper Paintball Gun

RAP4 T68 M4 Sniper Paintball Gun

If you consider yourself more of a sniper type of player, then the T68 M4 Carbine Sniper will be what you are looking for. It comes with the T68 generation 6 paintball gun that has several optional internal and external choices. It also includes and tactical barrel, silencer, bipod, scope and internal air system. The gun can be purchased as a magazine feed with an optional hopper feed. You can also configure the air system to your liking.

If you are looking to save a few dollars, you can buy the M4 T68 refurbished from RAP4. It's still the generation 6 model and can be upgraded with all the M4 goodies. These refurbished paintball guns are completely rebuilt to the high RAP4 standard that have set them apart as a quality manufacturer. They operate like a new T68 but may have some light marks on the exterior. RAP4 stands behind their refurb T68's with a 5 year warranty.

There are a ton more RAP4 T68 M4 guns and accessories available on their site. Get yourself into one of these guns when you are ready to set up your scenario game and add realistic feel to your paintball adventures.

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Posted by Redwood on 5/31/2010

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