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Save Phace Paintball Masks

skull paintball mask

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Stand apart from the traditional paintball cookie cutter gear wearers and make a statement. Spook the hell out of your opponents with a skull paintball mask. The new Save Phace masks are as unique as you need them to be. They have designs from mild to wild and will make you stand out in a crowd of standard design Dye, V-force and JT masks.

Save Phace has several different series of designs available. All of their masks include a military grade anti-fog and anti-scratch lens, a "stuff bag" to tote the mask around in, and graphics that are to kill for!

Freak Out Your Competition with a Skull Paintball Mask

The Diss series consists of several effective camo designs that will make your pumpkin disappear into the brush, a "Jar Head" mask that mimics the standard army "break and enter" safety helmet, a standard "Sand Man" tan mask, and a ninja like "Phantom" dark mask.

save phace mask

Save Phace Paintball Mask

The Dope series gives us a tough "Point Man Red" design, a standard red and blue mask, a Digital Camo version, and a "Voodoo Magic" design that would scare the pants off of any serious player.

Camo is the main theme for the So Phat set of masks. It includes several more camo graphics designed to help you blend into your surrounding area and reduce your target signature. Also in the So Phat masks, is the "War Lord" mask. It's a real charmer that could take a little old sweet grandma and make her look like a flesh eating zombie!

Save Phace paintball masks take it up a notch or two with their Tagged line of designs. This definitely rates as our favorite picks of mask designs available for this great sport. They have a full on flame appearing mask that you would swear calls for a serious 911 intervention, a "Lazarus" skull mask that might get outlawed, a "Scar Phace" mask that would make you poop your pants, and a diabolical "Diablo" mask that anyone would be proud to spook their mother with.

If you're looking for a fun mask that can perform well and not break your bank account, check out the fun line of Save Phace Paintball Masks now.

Posted by Redwood

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