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Seconds Paintballs

seconds paintballs

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Have you considered buying Seconds Paintballs? With newer guns having an increased rate of fire and newer paintball loaders being able to spit paintballs into your gun at an alarming rate, the typical player burns through a lot more ammo every time they play. Paintballs are fast becoming the most expensive part of playing this great game. The days of shooting 500 balls with an auto gun during a day of playing is long gone.

Seconds Paintballs, also know as Whitebox Paintballs

Players and teams on a budget rejoice! Seconds Paintballs can keep you playing longer and more often with affordable cases of paintballs. These are great for recreational playing and getting together with friends for practices days. Running drills with premium paintballs could cost a team their entry fees. Why not have everyone use the Seconds during the practice?

The things to keep in mind when buying Seconds Paintballs are that you really get what you pay for. Most of these are rejected by well known paintball manufacturers for several reasons. These Seconds Paintballs may be not perfectly round, colors didn't match requirements, shell hardness is inconsistent across batch, did not achieve a complete fill during manufacturing or fill wasn't thick enough. Usually these paintballs have an increased chance of breakage during shipping or more often you'll have breaks in your hopper or barrel. If they are less round, they will obviously be less accurate.

Seconds Paintballs are usually shipped in 2000 count boxes with separate 500 round bags inside and are a mix of colors. Often you will receive a paintball brand you recognize and would have paid a lot more for.

Save money with Seconds Paintballs now.

Posted by Redwood

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