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Snipers: Using Natural Elements

Finding a good sniper spot requires some key surrounding elements and preparation on your part.

This all took place last fall at a CPX scenario event. I do a lot of sniping as a player and tend to find myself learning from my mistakes more than anything else.

We had an assignment to hold an area of barrels know as the 'fuel dump'. Some of our team went into the barrels and positioned themselves to be able to shoot out in defence.

Knowing full well that the other team was going to come from the opposite side of our main base and try to take over the area with an assault I decided to look at this from a different angle. Their prize was going to be the barrels and I was betting their focus would be firmly planted on getting with in reach of the barrels.

My friend and I headed off in the direction of the assaulting paintball team still not in sight. Then, there it was, we found the perfect spot for sniping. Just out of reach of the barrels and out of the traffic route to the barrels. Just behind us there was a ridge with cover we could high-tail it out if we got spotted. In front of us a few yards was a clearing in the woods with lots of sunlight shining on objects to draw the eye to.

I've always believed in having an escape route. More than once I've had people follow me down it just to meet there doom when they misjudge their speed toward me verses my range and accuracy on return fire.

The clearing also provided an opportunity to play tricks on the eye's of would be players trying to spot our position. The eye tends to look at well lit areas and is more likely to dismiss darker less detailed areas. The open area can bounce sound in different directions than it actually came from providing a deception of where I'm shooting from.

The ground I look for to snipe from should be able to give me a decent point of view with out being spotted and free of items that could generate noise if I needed to move a little.

Well, shortly after getting situated the opposing team started filling in. One by one they were talking of where to assault my team mates holding the 'fuel dump', About 15 people in all. Eventually they all made their way just inside some brush across the clearing and started shooting into the barrels.

At this point I started to shoot one shot at a time. The first person I shot right in the side of the paintball mask. He turned around and looked for a while then wiped the paint off!! So I put another shot on him, this time in the back of the head(man that had to hurt). He started swearing and telling his team mates someone was behind them. I took two more spaced shots and eliminated two more people as they were looking around for me. The rest of the people were too busy assaulting the barrel area to care about a lone sniper.

By now most of the assaulting team had been eliminated trying to do their part of the 'fuel dump' mission. However, that first guy I had shot decided, even though he was out, he would stay behind to spot me and give away my position. Sure enough, after about ten of my shots(and eliminations) he spotted me. He then turned to his live team mates and said sniper while pointing in my direction. Even though none of his team mates cared because they were too busy, I flipped the switch on my A5's e-grip to full auto and unloaded on the stupid kid.

I figured at this point I may as well try out that escape route and if the moron followed me, I'd put some more paint on him. After no problems returning to base camp, I got the next assignment and went on my way with several others to complete the task.

Being prepared and finding a good spot to shoot from can be all the difference in a would be normal situation. Look at things from a different point of view and find natural elements to help you out.

Posted by Redwood on 04/18/07

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