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Spyder Fasta 18v Loader

spyder fasta 18v loader

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Shoot Fasta than your friends with the Spyder Fasta 18v Paintball Loader. This electronic loader will increase your game play by packing your marker with paintballs at an impressive 30+ balls per second. That will keep you in the game spraying paintballs like a motivated paint salesman at Home Depot who drank too many Red Bulls.

At only one pound of weight with batteries installed, the Spyder Fasta 18v Loader is an ultra-light option for any paintball gun. Reducing your overall gun weight can help with fatigue when playing longer scenarios. It can also be the difference between quickly moving to another bunker or getting shot out during a slow heavy haul across and open area.

The 30+ BPS and 230 Capacity Spyder Fasta 18v Loader

The quick load lid design gets you playing faster when reloading. With a 230 paintball capacity, the Spyder Fasta 18v Loader lets you hang and shoot lanes longer that most of its competitors. The shell is built from a tough Poly Carbon material that is designed to take all the punishment you can dish out while playing.

Other great features that will help your game are; a revolutionary feed ramp that eliminates the "popcorning" effect in the feedneck, a low battery indicator keeps you in tune with the battery life extended by the 18v operation, and the LCD version gives you a game timer to keep track of how long you have left to make your sweet moves!

Improve your game now with a Spyder Fasta 18v Loader.

Posted by Redwood

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