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Spyder MR1 Sniper Gun

Spyder MR1 Sniper Gun

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The Spyder MR1 Sniper Gun makes for a good entry level marker that can deliver a paintball at a long distance. The sniper kit comes with the standard MR1 paintball gun and a 20" Smart Parts Tactical Barrel. It's a reliable design that is set up for a woodsball environment player looking to shoot at distances.

We all know about the Kingman Spyder MR1, it's got a great reputation as a good woodsball gun for players on a lower budget. Now add a good sniper barrel and you are left with a straight shooting sniper gun at an affordable price. If your serious about stepping up your long range shooting, this gun and barrel kit are for you.

Out Shoot your Opponents with a Spyder MR1 Sniper Gun

The Smart Parts 20" Tactical Paintball Barrel is a long range "reach out and touch someone" type of barrel. It's ported to help with accuracy and noise levels. Remaining hidden is a key element for a paintball sniper, this barrel will help you maintain your stealth while being very accurate.

The MR1 is a natural for a sniper rifle. It comes with a detachable stock to steady the marker to your shoulder when accuracy shooting. It's also backed by the Kingman name and warranty. On the top of the marker is a Picatinny rail to mount your scope or other type of site. The two finger trigger provides more room for glove wearing players and allows you more control over your shot speed.

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Posted by Redwood

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