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Spyder Paintball Barrel

kingman spyder barrels

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Accuracy, distance, noise reduction and looks are all great reasons to get yourself a new Spyder Paintball Barrel. It's one of the best and most basic upgrades you can make to your paintball gun. It can provide you with a real game changing experience. Adding a quiet sniper barrel can help keep you hidden, or adding a new sleek speedball barrel can increase your accuracy when shooting large volumes of paintballs down-field.

With the huge popularity of Kingman Spyder paintball guns, almost all of the aftermarket companies include the Spyder thread when releasing their line of barrels. This leaves you with a lot of options to find that perfect barrel to fit your playing style.

Add Extreme Accuracy with a Spyder Paintball Barrel

Are you looking for a barrel with an adjustable bore size? Dye and Smart Parts make good barrels with different sized backs or inserts that can be used to create a tighter fit to the field paintballs you're using. If you're looking for a longer sniper barrel, Core makes a 20 + inch sniper specific model for you.

If you're searching for something more affordable that will give you a good balance of all styles, check out the Smart Parts Linear Rifled Barrel. It uses a straight porting technology to reduce your shot noise and increase accuracy.

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Posted by Redwood

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