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Squishy Paddles

squishy paddles

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The TechT Squishy Paddles are an internal upgrade for your Tippmann Cyclone feed systems. They are primarily designed to prevent paintball breakage. Their soft paddle arms gently grab the paint and push them into the guns feed port.

Key design elements include rounded paddle edges and a much softer rubber than the original Cyclone feed paddles. The Squishy Paddles have a larger footprint on the paintball to spread out the pressure applied to it. This helps keep brittle paintballs from breaking during high firing rates and cold weather.

The TechT Squishy Paddles reduce paintball breaks

Tests have confirmed that the Squishy Paddles drastically reduce the amount of broken paint in your A5, X7 or 98 converted. This upgrade is highly recommended for anyone using a Tippmann Cyclone feed system.

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Posted by Redwood

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