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Stiffi Barrel Kits

stiffi barrel kits

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Just when you though paintball was getting boring, the Stiffi Barrel Kits come along and wake your dumb ass up! These things are a super fun barrel kit. They deliver high tech design, ultra light weight, and all the accuracy you would expect from a high end barrel. With all the different size backs, it's also one of the most forgiving barrels for shooting field paint.

Wake your game up with one of the Stiffi Barrel Kits!

How cool is it that Stiffi came along a made a whole line of barrels from carbon fiber. This material is not only unbelievably tough, but it is very functional too. The Stiffi barrel kits come in loads of different barrel lengths, colors and for most popular barrel threads. You can even get the kit in the new leopard print to show all your friends how crazy you've become.

You want adjust-ability? You've got it, the kit comes with four interchangeable bore inserts that are ready to tighten up your accuracy. Being prepared for crappy field paintballs on tournament day can be the difference between first and last place. The easy quick swap insert will make it a snap for you to make the adjustment and get out to play. That's one less thing to worry about and one more advantage to feel good about.

If appearance and accuracy weren't enough, the Stiffi barrels are some of the most quiet barrels on the paintball tournament scene. They keep your shot blasts low and help keep your more stealthy in your quest to become the ultimate paintball ninja.(OK, that might be pushing it a little bit!)

Check out the Stiffi Barrel Kits now.

Posted by Redwood

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