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Support Your Local Paintball Field

As paintball becomes more challenged in this economy, we need to protect our own. If supporting your local fields can succeed, then paintball can once again flourish. Focusing on growing the sport locally should have a dramatic impact on the overall success of this great sport.

Every local area seems to have a decent number of paintball teams trying to become well known and sponsored by some big name brand. These teams are the heart and sole of competitive and recreational paintball driving interest to the sport.

With today's ability for a paintball team to build and host a team website, teams have the ability to impact the Internet. From posting pictures of local events they participated in, to connecting their sites with social media. Now is the time for these core players and teams to help out their local fields.

I am encouraging these teams to support their local paintball fields by offering them free ad space on their website. This should not be limited to only team websites, but to other information and miscellaneous paintball websites that could do the same.

As an example, the Wolfpack website displays their ads using the free service provided by Google Ad Manager( It allows us to geo-target ads to users in specific areas. We can sell our ad space to national sponsors with the understanding that visits to our site from local users, would be shown ads that are based on our local paintball fields. This way we can still monetize the bulk of our ad space and yet still support the local fields.

The overall goal of this thinking is to connect local paintball players with their fields. It's a simple concept that is often overlooked. With paintball in its current economical state, we need to focus and unite to better promote what we can effect.

Posted by Redwood on 01/22/2010

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