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Team Name?

Why do people name their paintball teams such terrible names. We get sponsorship requests regularly from teams with names like Anthrax Warriors or Urban Paintball Terrorists. Why would any serious company want their name associated with these names? They might as well be saying company X supports the 9/11 Murderers or the Community Paintball Vandalizers.

bad team names

These names don't support paintball in a positive light. I realize a lot of these teams are younger kids who don't understand the impact of the actual events or names that this can represent. What really puzzles me is how they get upset when I send them a nice letter turning down their request for sponsorship due to the team name. Of course, we don't actually offer sponsorship as a team, but are seeking sponsorship ourselves.

Give your team a name that any serious sponsor would be proud to promote and have as their own. As tempting as it apparently is to have some death terrorist name, fight the urge for god's sake and think about the future of your team. How bad do you want sponsorships? Don't set yourselves up for failure from the beginning with a terminal team name. Do it up right from the get go.

Posted by Redwood on 08/14/2009

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