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Picking A Paintball Team Name

Paintball Team Names can be a difficult thing to find a fit for your team. There are always the top pro team names you could try to copy. A search around the Internet could come up with some relevant names. Most people want to pick a name that gives the feeling of domination or total destruction. What about a memorable name that a sponsor concerned about their community would be proud of? Maybe something patriotic or a name in good sportsmanship? Instead of naming your team 'Anthrax Terrorists' how about 'American Power Force'. The first name makes people think of innocent people getting killed by cowards. The second name makes people think of our great country and your ability to build an unstoppable push down the field. I bet a would sponsor be more likely to want the second team name attached to his or her business.

Now I'm now saying you should name your team American Power Force, I'm simply trying to get you thinking in a way that could benefit your team long term. If you have a team name your not sure about or a word you may like to use, try an online reference to plug the words into. The use of a simple Dictionary or Thesaurus is very under estimated. Even an Encyclopedia or Google could help. You could also try to type in random words and get ideas from their results. Don't limit your self to one name initially. Come up with several and ask some business people, your parents or teachers what they think. Then vote on the final name as a team.

Coming up with a Paintball Team name is tough but can be fun. Just remember it sticks with you and you have to be proud of it no matter who you have to promote it to.

Posted by Redwood on 11/1/06

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