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TechT Fang Trigger

techt fang trigger

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Holy crap, these TechT Fang Triggers are taking off! It seems like everyone and their sister is sporting a Fang on their Tippmann, Matrix, Ion or Brass Eagle Talon(OK, the Talon was just a lie). TechT dropped into the paintball world with a sonic BOOM gaining popularity with their TechT Cyclone Squishy Paddles, and they haven't stopped creating wonderful and affordable paintball gun upgrades.

Rip a disgusting rope of paint with a TechT Fang Trigger

If you're looking for an ultra fast trigger on your gun, TechT has you covered. Their Fang is all the rage right now. It's sleek design and multi-point adjustments make this one of the fastest selling triggers available. It's made from high grade aluminum and has a strong anodized finish available in many colors to match your color scheme.

TechT Fang Triggers are available for several popular guns including:

  • Tippmann 98, A5, X7
  • Smart Parts Ion
  • Dye/Proto Matrix and Rail

The Hairpin Trigger Mod kits for the Tippmann are a very affordable system to reduce your trigger pull to a super light click. The kit comes with 6 adjustments and can take your trigger speed from mild to very wild. It can really turn the feel of your E-Trig, response or standard Tippmann trigger into a bionic super fast machine.

Check out a TechT Fang Trigger now.

Posted by Redwood

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