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Thermal Paintball Goggles

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To enjoy paintball, a good set of thermal paintball goggles are an absolute MUST! I think we have all gone through the miserable days of fogged up vision when using a cheap beat-up rental mask that was previously sweated in by some gross old fat hairy guy with a festering face mole. You know how that can completely shut down your ability to play the game. A single plane non thermal lens can flat out leave you blind. Then your in a situation where you want to lift your paintball mask to wipe the fog from the goggle lens. It's frustrating as hell!

Competitive Pricing
As the sport progresses in manufacturer competition, models of thermal paintball goggles are coming down in price. Several companies have lower end masks that come with a thermal lens. JT Paintball has several 'entry level' masks that fit this roll. One of the great things about these masks is that many of them can be fitted with a mask fan to further help with the anti-fog. JT has a huge selection of customizable masks.

Prescription Glasses
If you wear prescription glasses, then clearance behind the lens is definitely an issue that you will need to address. vForce makes masks(Profiler, Morph and Grill) with a large thermal single lens that sits away from the players eyes and provides a lot of space even for larger glasses. Because these masks have the lens sitting farther away from your face, it allows a lot more air to circulate then a standard dimension mask.

Another huge contributor to fogging your lens is the headgear you wear. Many people like to wear a hat or head band that can severely limit the amount of air that can enter or exit through the top vent system. Generally hot air rises, so trapping that air into your mask is an almost guarantee that even the toughest mask won't be able to keep your lens from fogging.

Goggle Fans
If your really concerned about getting hit in the forehead, you should use a mask that has an optional fan add-on. Use it in conjunction with a hat or head band that allows the fan vent to remain open. The Dye Invision and the Proto Switch have the Turbine fan available, and as stated earlier, many of the JT masks can use the Vortex II fan to keep your great big sweaty pumpkin nice and cool.

Anti-Fog Spray
There are always the people who think they can get away with cheap goggles and spray them between every round with some cheap green anti-fog liquid. It doesn't take long to see how that system inevitably fails. Often the lens gets scratched from repeated wiping of excess solution and it starts to saturate the masks foam. These spray on formulas typically wash off as soon as the inside of your lens starts getting wet from your perspiration, then your right back to where you started.

Too often people think they can get away with a cheap mask. Your foot wear and your paintball mask should be the best things you bring to the field. Having either one being sub-par will definitely take away from your enjoyment of the game. Don't be afraid to spring for one of the quality thermal paintball goggles.

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Posted by Redwood on 08/25/09

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