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Tippmann 98 Shroud

Tippmann 98 Shroud

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We are all about looking the part and being functional when upgrading your marker. One of the hottest upgrades is the Tippmann 98 Shroud. Some of these are basic barrel covers that will help complete your look. Others can be functional shrouds that include a Picatinny rail system to mount all of your scenario goodies.

Complete your scenario look with a Tippmann 98 Shroud

A machine gun barrel shroud provides the look of a heavy gunner. It's down right cool looking and can add a lot to a plain paitnball barrel or give a signature look to a long sniper barrel. Your Tippmann 98 Custom will have a tough appearance and let every one know your serious.

Spyder paintball guns generally don't have the ability to be built up for a hardcore scenario weapon. One of the great things about the 98 custom is it's endless available upgrades. A gun shroud can set you apart from all of the other Tippmann owners at the field.

One of the gun shrouds available covers the front part of your gun and gives you a few rails to mount a scope, Red Dot sight or a laser sight. It can also be used to mount your night ops equipment for those late excursions when assaulting in the dark.

What ever Tippmann 98 Shroud you choose for your gun, make sure it serves the purpose you intended it for. It can be a great way to finish off your gun and complete your look.

Complete your gun with a Tippmann 98 Shroud now.

Posted by Redwood

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