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Tippmann A-5 Gun

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun is a revolutionary marker released by Tippmann Sports with the new Cyclone Feed System. The marker is able to be 'field striped' in 60sec. Although, in my experience, I wouldn't plan on a quick disassemble-reassemble. As with the model 98, there are many gun upgrades available for the A-5. The standard Tippmann upgrades; Flatline barrel, E-Grip, an expansion chamber kit, a low pressure kit, sniper barrels, stocks and countless other upgrades. The A-5's main design is based on the woodsballer/scenario player in mind. After market companies are coming out with countless dress up kits to make your A-5 look like a serious combat gun. Scopes, stocks, grips, shrouds and real military look alike accessories.

The gun works well with CO2 or HPA/Comp air and the hopper holds 200 paintballs. It's available from Tippmann with an E-Trigger, Reactive gas powered trigger or a standard trigger. The Tippmann A-5 is commonly found for under 250 dollars and makes a great marker for the serious woodsballer. Tippmann has had a lot of success with its model 98 and they continue to be a leader in the paintball marker manufacturing world by providing cutting edge designs like the A-5 marker. The Cyclone Feed System works by taking balls from the hopper and forcing them into the firing chamber. It proves to be a smooth system and prevents ball breaks and the need for an electronic eye system. The firing rate with the standard trigger is rated at 8bps, not an ideal gun for the speedballer! Also, the stock barrel maybe the first upgrade you would want to make. It's not very accurate at all. Although the Flatline doesn't improve the accuracy it does provide a great option for the barrel with its long reach. All-in-all the Tippmann A-5 is a great marker for the scenario player in mind.

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Posted by Redwood on 09/30/06

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