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Tippmann Alpha

tippmann alpha

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The US Army Tippmann Alpha Paintball Gun fits into the entry level to medium bracket of markers and is an excellent choice for anyone interested in breaking into the scenario scene. Its build is based on the Tippmann 98 Custom gun design and has the ability to be upgraded and accessorized with many of the countless 98 components offered by Tippmann and aftermarket companies.

The Tippmann Alpha ~ An Affordable Scenario Gun

Available as a standard manual firing trigger or with the eGrip. The electronic trigger has three modes of fire, including: standard semi-auto, three round burst, and a "hose them down" full auto. It gives you the control to lay down as much fire power as your situation calls for with the flip of a switch.

The Tippmann Alpha's realistic milsim appearance comes in a black finish or with a Digi-camo pattern. The receiver and real looking M16 magazine is made from a light weight yet tough cast aluminum. The magazine doubles as tool storage for those on-field emergency repairs.

If your looking for a scenario weapon that won't break the bank and still looks the part, the Tippmann Alpha may be the perfect gun for you. You can always upgrade it as you go along to fit your playing style as it develops. It's an awesome gun for the money and will get you tons of respect on the field.

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Posted by Redwood

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