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Tippmann Gear

Goto the field in style with your favorite paintball brand on your bags. These tough nylon constructed Tippmann Gear Packs and Bags will keep you organized at hectic events. Protect your expensive gear and stay ahead of the game! ~ Check out the full line of Tippmann Gear now.

Tippmann Gear Backpack

tippmann gear backpack

This backpack will help you get organized and mobile in a tough design that will get you to the field with all of your paintball gear for many years. It's ultra tough nylon construction and rugged zippered compartments host an electronics pocket with e-port. A vented main gear area helps keep your stinky gear dry and fresh. The removable 5 strap system keeps your pods and paintballs well organized for quick access. Two internal adjustable tank straps and an external goggle clip helps keep you organized. The compression marker sleeve protects your valuable paintball gun and brings it to the field in style. This Tippmann Gear Backpack rates high on our recommended resources for paintball convenience.

Tippmann Marker Case

tippmann marker case

Getting your shiny paintball gun to the field unharmed should be high on your list of priorities. Doing it with a great looking padded bag that boasts the name of your favorite paintball company is now not only a possibility, but an affordable one that makes sense. Introducing the Tippmann Marker Case! It's padded nylon design has zippered side pockets to hold the extra gear that you need to bring along with you.

Tippmann Gear Duffle

tippmann gear duffle

This Tippmann Gear Duffle will help you to get all of your gear to the field in style. It has two adjustable internal straps to hold your tanks secure when bouncing around. You marker can be secured in place with the specially designed gun straps. 5 internal pod straps help keep you organized and the internal horizontal pocket makes for quick access to your selection of barrels. It is constructed of high strength nylon with tough zippers and has a wide mouth opening for easy load/unload.

Tippmann Gear Roller

tippmann gear roller

Tippmann's Gear Roller is for the serious player that needs to bring a larger amount of equipment to the field. It has that capability to hold multiple tanks, pods, goggles and markers. You can fit all of your apparel and gear safely in and separated for easy organization. This roller even has a pull out marker mat so you can service your paintball guns in style. The collapsible trolley handle and in-line skate wheels help you to quickly move the bag around. It's a big gear roller for serious players that are dedicated to the sport.

Check out the full line of Tippmann Gear now.

Posted by Redwood

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