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Tippmann Paintball Gun Kits by Core

NOTE: Some of these gun kits have been discontinued!

Core builds some of the best paintball gun upgrades. One of the brands they like to accessorize is definitely Tippmann. They make a whole gamut of upgrades from barrels to stocks and everything between. Some of their equipment is considered to be the ultimate in scenario add-ons. It's affordable and serves its purpose well and can transform an ordinary Tippmann 98 or A5 into a full on military replica.

Core has taken the Tippmann 98 and A5 and pre-designed a couple of service weapon combinations for the more demanding paintball player. These designs are very functional and well balanced to serve you in the field when times get sticky. It also helps cut costs to have a pre-packaged combination all ready for you to set up.

There are still areas that you can customize these guns, but the major things are taken care of for you. They are sleek and build to serve you for many years.

CORE Tippmann A5 Centurion Rifleman

Tippmann Core Rifleman


This A5 upgraded marker includes the super functional assault body with multiple tactical rails for mounting your sights and accessories. You will have more control over your shots with the aluminum Core collapsible stock, it's light weight and adjustable. The Core vertical fore grip even gives you storage space for tools, spare batteries or what ever small objects you need to carry onto the field. The Core mock M16 magazine is a must have upgrade to make the look official. It packs in that real milsim appearance. Custom Products completes the A5's replica look with a 14" barrel that can put a paintball down field exactly where you want it. This is a great kit for you to fill the roll of a versatile rifleman on your team or as a free agent stalking opponents on the field.

CORE Tippmann A5 Centurion Sniper

Tippmann Core Sniper Kit


The A5 paintball gun has always been a great choice for the serious sniper player. This gun was taken by Core and totally decked out into a full on sniper weapon. They've added the assault body with tactical rails to mount your accessories. They even took into consideration adding a 45 degree offset so you can see more efficiently around your feedneck. The Core aluminum stock is there to help you line up your pinpoint shots and deliver a one shot one kill ratio. The M16 magazine is in tow for serious looks. Custom products added their ultimate 16 inch sniper barrel and capped it with a suppressor to keep your noise signature low. Of course, what serious sniper gun would be complete without a RedDot sight? This thing has one. It's a well packaged deal that will let them know how serious you are about your position on the field.

CORE Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Elite

tippmann 98 custom sniper


Is the Shock and Awe effect under rated in paintball? We think the M4 is one of the baddest guns ever built. Some how now your lucky enough to have it available as an option for a Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper style gun. It's a true hardcore players marker built for applied firepower and a huge emotional effect on your opponents. This gun is built using Core M4 accessories and a ultra reliable Tippmann 98. The M4 stock, magazine and barrel give it the looks you need to be taken seriously. The milsim appearance will deliver the message that your serious about it.

CORE Tippmann 98 Custom Squad Sharp Shooter

tippmann 98 sniper


This is the wicked looking Core Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Sharp Shooter Combo Paintball Gun. If looks could kill, everyone who laid eyes on you would be eliminated when you are carrying this bad-boy! It's not all for looks though, this marker can seriously put a paintball down field and do it accurately too. It's got a Core M16 barrel and mock magazine, a fully adjustable M4 stock and a folding bi-pod. This thing can really help you rock the house with its offset sight rail that hosts a serious Red Dot sight that has an adjustable windage, elevation and dot intensity. If you were stomping through the woods with this thing, people would move out of the way and let you by! It is one of our favorite choices for a Tippmann 98 Custom Sharpshooter.