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Tippmann Gun Stocks

The Core Aluminum Tippmann Gun Stocks are available for your 98 Custom, A5 and X7. These are fully adjustable and styled in the M4 design. They can complete your guns look and add great function. Each stock is designed specifically to fit the model of Tippmann you are shooting.

If you don't already have a stock on your gun, it's time. If you play tournaments, you probably just use your tank with a drop forward so you can tuck your gun in close and create as small of a target signature when coming around your bunker. That's great, but in the woods/scenario, it's a whole different thing. Having a good butt stock on your paintball gun can make a huge improvement to your game. Trying to play a sniper position with out being able to steady your gun on your shoulder is just plain crazy. And, different playing positions during the game can require different set positions for your stock. When playing sniper, you will probably what the stock extended out to make those long shots. If your clearing rooms in an urban setting, you'll want to make that gun as short as possible to make it around tight corners and surprise your opponents. Having a adjustable stock that you can count on is an important part of any serious paintball players equipment.

Similar plastic bodied stocks tend to break after a while and, many of them have the adjustment pins break out of them. These have a base crafted from a very strong aluminum and will last you for the life of the gun. When your ready to have the fit and feel of a real metal stock, this is the one you are looking for.

The rear and lower parts are constructed of ultra tough nylon polymer and features a six position adjustment designed to be stronger than other manufacturers models. The rear face of the butt stock has a diamond pattern for a the right amount of slip/stick to provide you with fast shouldering and a steady aim.

The Tippmann 98 version fits your 98 Custom, Custom Pro, the US Army 98 clone models, the BT series of 98 markers and also fits the SP-1 paintball marker with an adaptor plate.

The A5 and X7 models are also specifically designed to fit their prospective guns with no modifications.

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Posted by Redwood

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